check|mate «CHEHK MAYT», verb, -mat|ed, -mat|ing, noun, interjection.
1. Chess. to put (an opponent's king) in check from which his next move cannot free him, and so win the game.
2. Figurative. a) to defeat completely. b) to stop, frustrate, or defeat a scheme or act of (an opponent) by a countermove: »

to checkmate their dangerous rival instantly (John H. Blunt).

[< noun]
1. Chess. a) a move that ends the game by putting the opponent's king in check so that he is unable to escape by his next move. b) the position of the chess pieces when the king is thus attacked.
2. Figurative. a complete defeat.
Chess. a declaration that the opposing king is checkmated.
[< Old French eschec mat < Arabic shāh māta (literally) the king is dead < Persian shāh shah, king (in chess)]

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